SchoolTool Parent Access Form

Dear Parent or Guardian:

Our student management system allows parents to access some of their students' information from home.

Parents of students in grades Kindergarten through grade 5 can access student attendance, classes, along with report card grades. Parents of students in grades 6 through 12 can access student schedules, attendance, teacher assignments, interim progress reports, and report card grades.

Please be aware that you are responsible to contact my office to make any changes or corrections to your email address. All parents have a right to access their students school records regardless of custody unless legal documentation states otherwise. If you no longer want access or you have changed your email account you will need to notify my office of the change. If your address, phone number or contact information has changed, please notify the Registrar, Mrs. Kristine Dermody at [email protected] or call (585) 243-1730 x2112.

If you would like to have access, please complete the form below. Your SchoolTool account will be created within 48 hours of submission. You will receive an email verifying that your account has been created along with your password. Please change your password after you log into SchoolTool.

Any problems or questions please contact:
Alex Ingles, Director of IT
585-243-1730 x2239
Permission for Access to Student Information System


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