School Counseling

  • School Counseling/PPS

    Ms. Ameigh Coates:
    Phone:  243-1730 x-2216
    Pupil Personnel Services Director 
    Mr. David Sylvester:
    Phone:  243-1730 x-2209
    MS & HS Guidance Administrator
    Mrs. Samantha Wolcik:
    Phone:  243-1730 x-2211
    Counseling/PPS Secretary
    Ms. Christina Boss:
    Phone:  243-1730 x-2144
    School Counselor - Grades K-5
    (click here to access the Elementary Guidance Counselor web page)
    Ms. Julie Gilman:
    Phone:  243-1730 x-2214
    School Counselor - Grades 6-12 (Last name L-Z)
    (click here to access grades 6-12 Guidance Counselor web page)
    Ms. Na'Lisa Hussar:
    Phone:  243-1730 x-2213
    School Counselor - Grades 6-12 (Last name A-K)
    Ms. Sheri Nevinger:
    Phone:  243-1730 x-2212
    Social Worker - Grades K-12 
    (click here to access the School Social Worker web page)
    Ms.Andrea Zinke:
    Phone:  243-1730 x-2218
    School Psychologist - Grades K-12 
     HIGH SCHOOL CODE NUMBER:   334-710  
    The School Counselor is:
    • A student advisor
    • A resource person
    • A coordinator
    • A group facilitator
    • A teacher
    • A liaison
    • A student advocate
    The School Counselor Helps Students:
    • Maximize their potential
    • Assess their strengths and limitations
    • Develop self-reliance
    • Make appropriate decisions
    • Expand self-awareness
    • Develop positive attitudes
    • Solve personal problems
    • Identify interests and talents
    • Reach educational goals
    • Plan post-high school education
    • Decide on a career
     The School Counselor:
    • Works with individuals and groups
    • Helps clarify the needs of students
    • Fosters better peer relationships
    • Aids teachers and parents in helping students
    • Provides information enabling better use of community resources
    • Reviews test results for information about students' abilities, limitations, achievements, and interests
    • Serves as a liaison with other school agencies
    • Is an empathetic listener
    • Assists with conflict resolution
    • Participates in curriculum development
    • Helps individualize the learning process
    • Provides preventative counseling
    • Is responsible for the didactic component of the guidance program
    We hold Classroom Guidance, Group Meetings and Individual Counseling Which Are Designed to:
    • Help students develop self-understanding
    • Promote self-confidence and self-esteem
    • Provide opportunities for students b experience success
    • Give students a forum to discuss educational, social, and personal concerns
    • Encourage students to recognize, understand, and work through learning difficulties
    • Help youngsters adjust to increasing educational demands
    • Develop students' awareness of the world of work
    • Teach students the decision making/problem solving process
    • Inform students of their options for post-secondary education
    • Assist students with the application process for college or employment
    • Disseminate information about employment trends

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