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Math Club (Elem)

Math Club is open to any York fifth grader who can come in on the early bus several Tuesdays a month for logic problems, puzzles, games, and contests.

Mrs. Wondra

Math Team (MS)

We compete four times each school year against other high schools in our BOCES region. At the completion of each season, high performing individuals are then given the opportunity to continue on to competitions at the Regional and State level.

Mrs. Falk

Odyssey of the Mind

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Mrs. Kelly Smith
Mrs. Feltham

National Honor Society

National Honor Society is a club that focuses on individual and group community service. In order to be considered for the National Honor Society, a student must have an overall cumulative GPA of 90% or higher and complete an application. Once in the club, the student must maintain a 90% cumulative GPA. Each year the students complete a monthly individual community service project and two group projects.

Mrs. Liptak


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Mrs. Palmer

Culture Club

The Culture Club is an organization with the aim of breaking down cultural barriers and promoting an understanding of the world around us. Throughout the year, our members participate in a variety of activities in order to get a better sense of the global society we live in, but our main activity is our annual Culture Night. The whole York community comes together to enjoy and educate themselves about the cultures of the world, both past, and present.

Mrs. Ivers

Foreign Language Club

7th-12th grade students get together for various age appropriate activities such as cartoon time, dinner and a movie, food festivals, and holiday activities. We sponsor a Christmas Door Decorating Contest in the elementary school and offer one scholarship to a graduating senior who plans to continue studying Spanish in college. Our fundraisers include a Cookie Dough Sale in October and a Dinner and More Raffle in November. Funds raised are used to support travel. We also have a Foreign Language Travel Booster Club.

Mrs. Arthur
Mr. Petraitis

Science Club

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Mrs. Kent

Ski Club

Mrs. Lippold

Technology Club

Mr. Barrett

Elem. Student Council

Mrs. Miller
Mrs. Blythe

Student Board

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Mr. Barrett

Yearbook Club

Mr. VanRy

Ms. Ayers

School Musical

Mr. VanRy