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Device Damages

To the Students of York Central School,

As you are all aware, each of you has been given a chromebook by the school to use to further your education. These devices, while in use by you, are still school property, and thus responsibility for their care falls upon you as well. This includes the consequences of damages to your device.

The IT Office will followed the provided guidelines when it comes to issuing a repair for your device:


Not Insured


Cost at Start of School



1st Repair incident



2nd Repair incident



3rd Repair incident



Lost/Missing Chromebook



Damaged/Lost Charger



As you can see, the cost of repair increases with repeated damages. If you have purchased insurance at the start of the school year, you are exempt and covered in the event of damage, though this does not mean you should be any less careful with your devices. If we discover that a student is abusing the insurance policy through deliberate acts of damage, we reserve the right to issue charges based on previous incidents. 

We want to remind you that device insurance is available to purchase. You may follow the link below and have your parents purchase device insurance, available for one year. This will provide security in the case of unfortunate accidents.

If you are concerned about damages to your device, insurance is a great way to make yourself feel safe and secure. Our goal here is to make sure you all have a device to use and learn with, and that they are kept in the best shape possible.