• The Odyssey of the Mind program at York Central School has produced my successful teams over the years and those teams all had one thing in common...they performed well in the Spontaneous portion of the competition.

    Spontaneous is just what the name suggests...spontaneous.  The teams have no prior knowledge regarding the topic of the problem they are to compete in.  Upon entering the Spontaneous competition site, they are presented with one of three problem types: Verbal, Hands-on or Verbal/Hands-on.  They are then read the problem, given some required information and possibly materials, allowed a short time to think of a solution (typically only a few minutes), and then "perform" their solution.

    A recent addition to the York Odyssey of the Mind program is to appoint a dedicated development coach to provide Spontaneous experiences for teams in their preparation for competition.  Coaches should consider using this resource as often as possible to build their team's spontaneous competency.  Past results show that close competitions are typically won or lost depending on a team's spontaneous performance.

    Click here to schedule your session with Mrs. Dougal, York Odyssey of the Mind Spontaneous Coach.