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Middle/High School

Middle/High School

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Golden Knights Strong

Middle/High School

  • Middle/High School Principal

    A Message To All:

    Welcome to the 2017 – 2018 school year.

    We enter the 2017-2018 school year with a goal of working with our students in the area of digital citizenship. Students are being required to use the digitial platform more than any group of students prior to them. This use of digital technology will cover communication, classwork, social interaction and each and every career they are preparing for. Our goal as a school is not only to help develop skills in the area of technology but also responsibility of use of such digital platforms. This work will be done in and out of the classroom. Our instructors are using Schoology/Google Classroom digital apps which allow for the taking of tests and doing homework directly on line. This work allows not only a paperless system but student preparing for life after high school. Our groups such as Stand Up York!, are preparing to work on social media/interaction topics for the year. We will kick start the year with a presentation on Pause Before You Post, followed by additional assemblies on appropriate use of the internet.

    As we move closer to the time of online Regents, blogs and other activites which help connect students to their learning, we will continue to work with staff and community to offer opportunities to grow and learn. This will enable us to help our students to also increase their understanding of the requirements for becoming a life long learner. 

    It is now time to begin a new year and with that beginning continue to address and prepare our students for the future to come. Lets have a safe and productive year. Go Knights!

    David J. Sylvester
    Middle/High School Principal

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